What Does WCRB Mean to Me?

By Dr. Nancy J. Roberge, Physical Therapist who works exclusively with breast cancer patientsNancy

WCRB represents the epitome of ‘thriving’ after being treated for breast cancer. These women, some who have rowed before cancer and most who have not, show us that they are ready to ‘take back’ their lives, their bodies and show breast cancer who is really in charge. They are such an inspirational group and I am in awe of their tenacity and courage and I am honored to work with them.

What WCRB represents to those that have walked this journey is that they can march to hell and back and not only survive but they can thrive beyond what they might have been before the diagnosis. Breast cancer is but a mountain that these women climb and once at the top, they can more fully realize the magnitude of their courage. This is what WCRB helps these women to see more clearly, their strength and commitment to themselves and a healthy, strong body and life.

As a Physical Therapist, who works exclusively with those diagnosed with breast cancer, when I see women row, it is like the frosting on the cake. They work hard to get through the rigors of cancer treatment and then, they can enjoy the reward of their efforts. Gratifying to all to see them row! Go for the gusto I say…….and if cancer shows it’s ugly face again, I know these women will rise to the level they need to in order to kick it’s ass again because I have seen them do just this!