Practice Schedule

2013 WCR-B Schedule for April—October
Tuesday evenings on the water: 6:00 to 8:00 is Team Time **

5:45: Arrival and warm-ups, erg
Check line-up
Oars on dock
6:00: Lineups are fixed at 6:00
Whole group stretches* (COWS will lead)
Coaches greet the group and explain the plan for the evening’s row
6:15: Hands on
6:30: Shove off
7:30: Return to dock
7:45: Final announcements as we stretch (COWS* will lead)
Hands in
8:00: Out of the boathouse

*COWS (Captains of the Week). See Whole Group stretches sheet

Check the Red Sox schedule to anticipate home game traffic

If you need to speak with a coach about your rowing or something else related to the program, please schedule a time separate from practice.

Members are encouraged to try a “ride along” with the coaches in the launch